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We are frequently asked the question, "What is the cost per square foot?" This is a question that can not be answered accurately. Every job is different! Two identical houses with the same floor plans can have a different type of radiant heating system engineered or installed. In order to give a proper estimate, we must review the plan's design and the engineered layout of the heat loss for your home. To do this, we must have the following information:

  1. A proper set of true-scale blue prints, or blue prints with precise dimensions, cross section views with ceiling heights for each room, and elevation views of the basement if you plan on installing radiant heat in the basement.

  2. The blue print must provide a door and window schedule with sizes and dimensions of each door and window, and the U value or R value of each door and window.

  3. The blue print must show any fire places or gas log fire places.

  4. The blue print must show insulation R values being used. You must adhere to them for your system to work properly.

  5. The finish flooring schedule for each room in the house. We need to know the type of finished floor R values for each room so we know we are giving you the proper heating loss for that room.
If anyone offers you a square foot price without obtaining this information first, we strongly suggest that you stay away from them. You may find out that you were grossly overcharged, and did not obtain the best possible, value-engineered radiant heating system for your money and your home. Even worse, you could possiblyhave been undercharged, leaving you with an improperly designed, installed, and ineffective radiant heating system because the contractor had to cut corners, or use inferior products to maintain his profit.


If you want us to design your system for you, we can. We charge a fee for this estimate, but it's a small investment on your part to know that you are getting a properly designed and engineered system. We will then supply you with the following:

  •  Heat loss report
  •  Radiant heating design report
  •  Loop mapping schedule
  •  Radiant panel report
  •  Materials list
  •  Quotation to complete the job
If you award us the contract to build your Radiant Heating system, we will, in return, give you back the estimate fee in cash.

Installation / Consultation

Gronski Plumbing & Heating can install your system for you or consult with your installer.

If you would like to do the job yourself or if you have another installer in mind, let us design the system for you. The design is the most important part of your radiant heating system.

We can also offer consultation during the installation phase, as long as you are in Rhode Island or Southeastern Massachusetts. We charge for this service, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the system we design for you will provide you with the comfort and savings you are looking for. (Of course, our standards and methods of installation must be strictly maintained and adhered to according to the design we provide you with, and the materials we recommend must be used.)

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Let Gronski Plumbing and Heating design and engineer your radiant heating system or your snowmelt system for you today.
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